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James Boswell

James Boswell, painter, illustrator, political satirist was born in 1906 in Westport N.Z., came to England to study at the Royal Academy in 1925 and swiftly made his name as the foremost graphic artist of the radical left. Served in the Second World War and drew extensively in the UK and Iraq (see Book). Art Editor of Lilliput 1947-1950. Took up painting again after the war. There are extensive collections in the British Museum, Tate Britain, The Imperial War Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. (see Life). He died in 1971.

A selection of James Boswell’s sketches and painting will be on display in the main hall of Tate Britain in June 2006. The British Museum will also mount a display of Boswell's work in their new gallery during Sept.-Oct. 2006. There will be a further exhibition at the Square One Gallery, London, in September.

The new Prints and Drawings Gallery at the BM has put up an extensive display of James Boswell's work . Many of the drawings being shown appear in the book ‘James Boswell, Unofficial War Artist’, which is being launched on Nov 9th.

Boswell's sketchbooks can be viewed by appointment in the Tate Archive. The Second World War drawings are in the Prints and Drawings Department of the British Museum; some sketch books of the same period and drawings are in the archive of the Imperial War Museum.

James Boswell: Unofficial War Artist will be published by The Muswell Press and launched on 9th November 2006.


The Guardian Review Section (16 dec 2006) published an article by William Feaver on James Boswell.
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James Boswell: Unofficial War Artist was launched on 9th November 2006. It can be ordered from the Muswell Press
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An article by Mary Blume on Boswell as a war artist. You can download a PDF here if the link fails:
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September / October 2006
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The new Prints and Drawings Gallery has mounted an extensive display of James Boswell's work.
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From: 12th September 2006
592, King's Road, London SW6 2DX
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From 5th June 2006
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Mural: The Golden Day (1970)

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